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Harmonize your Skin & Health with Frequency Water

There is no denying that our bodies are made up of water and that we are energetic beings vibrating at a specific frequency.  At SKN Clinic we have always searched high and low for the most innovative and effective skin healing and life enhancing offerings. This

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Don’t Do Micro-Needling Without This Product

There is no doubt that Micro-needling alone is a very effective treatment but what you do at home after your treatment can greatly elevate your results! This is done with one key product called StemFactor MD Growth Factor Serum. The addition of using StemFactor MD Growth Factor

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Why We Don’t Do Micro-Needling with Radio-Frequency

Micro-Needling continues to be a leading treatment in the skincare industry. Do you know the origins of Micro-Needling? It was created as a safe alternative to laser treatments for higher fitzpatrick skin types because it did not cause PIH (pigmentation). Another notable benefit is that

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Top 6 Products to Transform Your SKN – THE SKN LIST!

We are excited to share our list of the most effective, transformative, and safe products that we LOVE! This list was complied after 15+ years in the skincare industry and resulted from working with many skincare lines, and deep diving formulations, and performance. THE LIST

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Why You Should Stop Using Retinol Today For over 15 years we have witnessed at SKN Clinic what happens to the skin when clients use high percentage retinol serums/creams and prescription Vitamin A products.  First and foremost the skin experiences unnecessary irritation, inflammation and at times peeling.  This has been touted

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Refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Mint Smoothie

Ingredients: 2 Cups Watermelon 1 English Cucumber ¼ cup Fresh Mint Leaves Ice (optional) Pinch of Sea Salt Directions: Cut watermelon and cucumber into smaller pieces to freeze and blend easily. Place the pieces in a container. Freeze watermelon and cucumber for at least 2

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Choosing the Best Facial for Your Skin Type

Facials are popular skincare treatments done largely to improve the look, feel and health of the skin on the face, neck and, in some instances, the back. Deep cleansing, enzymatic and acid based exfoliation, along with concentrated nutrients and hydration are among the methods used

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