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Why We Don’t Do Micro-Needling with Radio-Frequency


Micro-Needling continues to be a leading treatment in the skincare industry. 

Do you know the origins of Micro-Needling?

It was created as a safe alternative to laser treatments for higher fitzpatrick skin types because it did not cause PIH (pigmentation). Another notable benefit is that Micro-Needling promotes natural collagen and growth factors in the skin while honouring and respecting the skin barrier and dermal layer.  

As Micro-Needling has expanded in popularity over the past decade, many laser companies have taken Micro-Needling and combined it with radio-frequency in an effort to achieve better results. An all-too-common practice in the skincare industry is to push the skin to its limits in hopes of maximizing results. However, this method of consistently pushing the skin can have potentially serious negative side effects on your skin health and appearance over time. 

At SKN, we believe in offering Micro-Needling in its purest form as our mission has always been to provide our clients with longterm skin health benefits. Long live healthy skin!  

My gentle and important reminder is that more is not necessarily better when it comes to treating your skin. The industry has begun acknowledging that deep chemical peels, high intensity resurfacing, and the over-use of active topicals (along with prescription Vitamin A and high percentage retinols) is not always beneficial to the skin long-term and can lead to a compromised skin barrier, sensitive, reactive skin and accelerated degradation of collagen, and accelerated aging.  

Honouring your skin’s barrier is the key to healthy, youthful skin and at SKN we curate our treatment menu and select our products based on this philosophy and mission.  

This month’s Advanced Micro-Needling Package merges Micro-Needling with an MG Booster serum to elevate the results of your Micro-Needing treatment using high performance, skin respecting ingredients. Your SKN Practitioner will help select the best booster for your skin’s needs. Your treatment will conclude with a 15 minute session of Red Light Therapy to further support the skin in its regenerating and healing journey.  

Advanced Micro-Needling Package  (December 2023 only)

  • Dermaplaning 
  • Full Face Micro-Needling
  • MG Booster Serum
  • LED Light Therapy

ONLY $299 (reg $375).

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