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Achieve Hydrated, Radiant & Youthful SKN all Winter Long

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Achieve Hydrated, Radiant & Youthful SKN all Winter Long

During the fall and winter months our skin can begin to look more aged, depleted, and the appearance fine lines and wrinkles acentuated.  WHY?  This is due to the increased dryness and dehydration the skin experiences during this time of year due to the colder temperatures and the heated indoor climate.  

This is very taxing on all layers of our skin and most prominently our skin barrier.  When we lose even the most minute amount of water our skin becomes depleted, reactive, irritated and unhappy so we want to be ensuring that we are hydrating our skin on all layers not just moisturizer or oil.  

Hydrating your skin effectively to maintain healthy, hydrated and youthful skin begins with a water based serum that penetrates DEEP into the skin to the dermal layer to bind and hold water in the skin.  This step alone can reduce the appearance of fine lines while bathing and nourishing this precious layer – including your collagen and elastin.  This prevents and heals dehydration in the skin.  

Then if you are experiencing dry skin using a well formulated oil is a critical step – this oil should mimic your skin barrier which essentially means it provides the healing lipids, ceramides and nutrients this layer needs to be hydrated and nourished.  This step further elevates the appearance of your skin reducing the drab, dull, looking texture.  

Lastly comes the most underestimated and misunderstood product in the industry – your moisturizer.  A well formulated moisturizer serves a very important purpose in your skin health.  If holds water in the skin, hydrates the skin but also forms a protective and essential barrier between you and the environment which preserves your skin health and contributes to healthy, long living skin.  

Of course many of you are already using this kit and know how transformational it is for the skin especially during the fall and winter season but if you are new to SKN and have not heard about the 3 Layers of Hydration and started using it now is the time.  It has been saving faces for almost a decade now.  

So simply understanding that your skin needs more support during this time of year will elevate the way it functions, looks, and keep your youthful. If you live in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario this kit will change your life during these colder months.  

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