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Perks for our loyal customers

We are proud to announce the Empower Your SKN Loyalty program. Earn points for every dollar you spend at SKN Clinic and online at Use those points to redeem products and treatments, and level up to gain valuable benefits.

Membership tiers include Gold, Platinum and Diamond and are achieved by reaching certain point milestones throughout the year. See the chart below for more details.


500 points


3000 points


5000 points

Start At Gold

with 500 points

Upgrade to Platinum

at 3000 points

Upgrade to Diamond

at 5000 points


Earn points with every visit

The loyalty program is a ladder system that starts with gold membership at 500 points. Each visit will increase your points until you are eligible for an upgrade. Our points system is a 1:1 ratio, which means, each dollar you spend is equivalent to a point. Unlock unique perks and offers every time you reach a milestone.

We Value Your Loyalty

We offer discounted Laser Hair Removal treatments for continuous treatments.

10%      Sessions 5 & 6
20%      Sessions 7 & 8
30%      Sessions 9 & 10
40%      Session 11 onwards

*Discounts only apply to one body part or combo. Each new body part or combo will start at session 1.

Gold Microneedling program

On February 1, 2021 we launched our Empower Your SKN Loyalty Program which means you will earn points for every dollar spent at SKN Clinic and SKN Shop and move up into our Tier System (Gold, Platinum, Diamond). Once you have spent $500 (starting Feb 1, 2021) you will achieve GOLD Status and start receiving even more benefits and one of them is admission into the GOLD Micro-Needling Program. This program is of course available to Platinum and Diamond Status as well.

Full Face $215 Per session (reg $249) plus tax. *we do not provide in-house numbing except when you have body acupuncture prior to your Micro-Needling session. Your acupuncturist can apply the numbing agent allowing it to numb the skin while you relax during your acupuncture session. Please mention this at time of booking.

What You’ll Get