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Advantages of TruSculpt vs. CoolSculpting

TruSculpt and CoolSculpting are two cosmetic body-sculpting or body-contouring treatments that eliminate stubborn fat without surgery. These methods contour and reshape parts of the body where fat does not respond to weight loss measures. TruSculpt, CoolSculpting and other body-sculpting treatments don’t replace diet and exercise but complement them to increase definition in the desired areas.

TruSculpt and CoolSculpting achieve similar results – but what are the advantages and disadvantages, and is one method better?

What Is TruSculpt?

TruSculpt is the latest body-sculpting technology used to target and permanently reduce stubborn adipose fat that resides in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. During the procedure, a trained professional uses a device equipped with mono-polar radiofrequency to deliver constant heat, up to 45°C, deep into the muscle at the target area. This heating action kills fat cells, causes the skin to tighten from increased collagen production and reshapes the target area. The dead cells are naturally eliminated from the body.

The procedure is customizable to almost any body part, including the abdomen, thighs, chin, arms and flanks. Furthermore, it can reduce the amount of fat in the target area by 25% in a single session.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is currently the most popular body-sculpting technology. It eliminates persistent fat in a non-surgical process called cryolipolysis, or fat-freezing. Cryolipolysis reduces stubborn fat by freezing the cells to the point of death without harming surrounding muscle, skin or nerves.

During this process, the treatment area is covered with a gel pad to protect the skin. A vacuum applicator is then used to suction and apply extreme cold to the site for an hour, causing fat cells to crystallise and die in the weeks following the procedure. Dead cells are eliminated through the body’s natural excretion process. CoolSculpting can reduce up to 20-30% of fat cells from the target area. The procedure is not intended for people with obesity.

What Are the Advantages of TruSculpt vs. CoolSculpting?

  • The TruSculpt method offers greater versatility for fat reduction as it allows for the simultaneous treatment of multiple parts of the body — not including the face — in a single session. With CoolSculpting, only pinchable areas of the body can be treated, limiting the options for patients who wish to treat spots like the knees.
  • TruSculpt allows patients to return to normal daily activity immediately following the treatment. There is no downtime and few or no side effects. Pain, bruising and other side effects impact some patients’ ability to resume activity after the CoolSculpting procedure.
  • There are little-to-no negative responses associated with TruSculpt compared to cryolipolysis and other body-sculpting methods, and pain or discomfort is uncommon. The procedure is comparable to a hot stone massage, where light swelling and redness dissipate in a few days. CoolSculpting is associated with pain, discomfort, swelling, redness and bruising that can last several weeks. In some instances, it has also been associated with neuropathic or nerve pain.
  • There are no long-term risks associated with TruSculpt. Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) is a rare, long-term complication of CoolSculpting and primarily affects men. PAH is an overgrowth of the adipose tissue that resides under the skin, causing the treatment area to appear enlarged. The condition gets its name from the paradoxical increase, rather than decrease, of the fat cells.
  • TruSculpt treats each target area for a minimum of 15 minutes per session. CoolSculpting technology is limited to single protocols, which can last between one and three hours.
  • During a TruSculpt procedure, radiofrequency energy is used to eliminate the excess fat cells. This mode of heat energy has the added benefit of tightening the skin. Radiofrequency therapy is an effective, non-surgical process. Heat energy penetrates the skin and promotes the production of collagen.
  • TruSculpt can eliminate up to 25% of excess fat over a 12-week period, while the CoolSculpting process takes two to three treatments to reduce from 20–30%.

Which Method Is Better?

CoolSculpting and TruSculpt are both effective at fat reduction in the 20–30% range. However, TruSculpt provides a better body-sculpting option for patients seeking the removal of stubborn fat, particularly as there are significant advantages and fewer side effects. The risk of PAH, which has an incidence of 1 in 20,000, also makes the CoolSculpting procedure less appealing.

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