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Adipeau Active Face Cream: Fat Cells and Volume Loss in The Face

It has been recently discovered that the dermal layer which is home to collagen and elastin has skin-specific fat cells too. What does this mean? Well, first let’s talk about what Healthy vs. Unhealthy fat cells are and how they impact the volume and health of your face.
Healthy Fat Cells Are:
  • Regenerative – they recruit fat cells to replace ones that are lost through natural aging.
  • Collaborative – with fibroblasts (fibroblasts are the cells that make collagen) to keep the skin strong.
  • Anti-inflammatory – secrete molecules that reduce the inflammatory state of the skin.
Unhealthy Fat Cells:
  • Suppress regeneration
  • Shut down collagen production
  • Are inflammatory
How Do Your Fat Cells Become Unhealthy:
  • Sun exposure – creates an inflammatory condition on the surface of the skin which leads to the lose of adipocytes (fat cells).
  • Excess calories – adipocytes (fat cells) take in lipids from the excess calories leading to bloating of of the fat cells which appears on the skin as lose of tone and contour.
  • High-Intensity excerise – slows fat cell regeneration and leads to loss of collagen and tone.
  • Natural Aging – slows regeneration overtime of fat cells and collagen formation.
  • Anything inflammatory – externally or internally will slow down fat cell regeneration.
What Do Unfit Fat Cells Looks Like:
  • “False Dimples” – parethesis around mouth – mouth is first place were we lost significant amounts of fat due to dynamic movement in this area and lifestyle.
  • Fat cells when unfit get bloated and weigh down skin.
What is Adipeau?

1st cream clinically proven to tx sinking, loss of volume, sagging and weak skin.

How Does It Work?

It works by combining an adipogenic stimulus (safflower oil) and lipolytic impulse (black ginger). 

THE REGNERATOR – Safflower Oil
Safflower keeps fat cells in good shape while also regenerating and causing new fat cells to form.
THE TONER – Black Ginger 
Black Ginger causes toning in “unhealthy” bloated fat by reducing the excess triglycerides – the number of lipids a cell is storing. This leads to toning.

* Toning happens first as the black ginger rescues the excess triglycerides. So it may appear as volume loss in the beginning when these bloated cells are reduced. However the lifting effect starts at this time and eventually the regeneration occurs so it is a great sign.

Best Target Areas For Volume Loss, Sagging and Depletion?
  • Undereyes
  • Deflated cheeks
  • Saggy/lower cheeks
  • Around mouth
  • Undefined jawline
Average Gains?

Gains in volume were positively correlated with age. This means the more loss one had the more gains one experienced. So this can be started at any age.

The average gain is 1.5 cubic centimetres (1cc of filler). There seems to be an intelligence to the cream and it works its magic where needed. Gains only occur where the skin decides it is needed. We can call this your SKN-tuition.

There is currently a study in progress and with promising results with a women who had severe fat and volume loss from Ultherapy. 

How Long To See Results?

3-6 months to see improvements.

However many have reported positive changes as soon as 30 days in toning and 2 months in the filling effect. The toning and lifting effects from Black Ginger happen first and this is why it can appear that there is potential volume loss (this is the unhealthy fat cells become healthy and de-bloated) and then regenerative benefits become visible.

How To Use:

Daily use once daily for those with more volume loss. 2-3 days a week for those with less volume loss can’t really be overused so daily is fine if they want but to preserve cost and product use less.

Commit to 6 months and then go into maintenance using 2-3x a week.

Of course, skin is always naturally aging but using this for 6 months has actually restructured your skin and restored apiogenic qualities so you can take a break and the results will continue because the new healthy fat cells will continue to recruit healthy fat cells. The fit fat cells have taken the driver’s seat.

It can be used long-term.

How To Apply:
Do not rub in like a traditional cream.  Apply with a finger painting technique and allow it to sit on the skin like a mask and absorb into the skin on its own.  Adipeau can only get to the skin via the skins root structure by sliding down the invisible hair follicles.  Rubbing the cream in causes the actives to get stuck in the skins outer layer.  You can apply to areas of volume loss or on the entire face.  After 10 minutes you can rub off any excess cream.
Great Combinations:

Lymphatic drainage on the face with a facial massage or guasha is an excellent way to support healthy fat cells in the face and relieve fat cell bloating by removing excess lymph. Excess lymph fluid bloats cells. Guasha has a toning effect on cells.

Micro-needling is a great way to stimulate blood flow to fat cells supporting healthy fat cells and of course producing more collagen.

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