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Dry & Dehydrated Skin Survival Checklist

Dry & Dehydrated Skin Survival Checklist | SKN Skin Clinic Vancouver

We are transitioning into the cooler seasons and this can be very taxing on the skin due to the increased cool temperatures outside combined with indoor heating. Your skin barrier needs extra support during this time. The good news is a few simple steps can ensure healthy, hydrated skin all season long.

SKN Survival Checklist

#1 Are you using a well formulated moisturizer?

A well formulated moisturizer containing water binders is of the utmost importance during the colder months.  It not only hydrates your skin, but also protects your skin barrier from environmental stressors.  This is a non-negotiable step in all skincare routines regardless of skin concerns or conditions.  

#2  Are you feeding the dermal layer a water-based serum?  

Your dermal layer is the deeper, second layer of skin that is all too often neglected because moisturizers and oils cannot reach this layer.  It is important to be applying a well-formulated hyaluronic acid, antioxidant and nutrient-based serum to hydrate, replenish and nourish this layer.  This layer is home to your collagen and elastin and feeding it a well-formulated serum daily ensures juicy, supple collagen and elastin as well as deeply hydrated skin.  This is the layer where dehydration can occur. 

#3 Does your skin require oil?  

Everyone needs a well-formulated moisturizer and water-based serum but not everyone needs an oil.  However, if you are lipid deficient, a skin oil will be transformative for your skin health and hydration.  The best way to know if you need a skin oil is if your skin is not feeling sufficiently hydrated after applying steps #1 and #2 then you need the oil to boost lipids and resolve skin dryness. 

#4 Are you Exfoliating?  

If you are not exfoliating weekly then the moisturizers, serums, and oils cannot penetrate the skin effectively and hydrate the skin on all layers.  The dead layer needs to GO at exfoliation is the solution.  At SKN Clinic we always promote liquid and gel-based exfoliants.  This form of exfoliation provides a more thorough and deeper exfoliation as they are able to penetrate beyond the surface of the skin.  Granular scrubs just scrub on the surface making them less effective and can also be very irritating from many skin types. 

Fall + Winter Exfoliation Tip:  Exfoliate less.  1-2x a week during the cooler season is adequate. 


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