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Harmonize your Skin & Health with Frequency Water

There is no denying that our bodies are made up of water and that we are energetic beings vibrating at a specific frequency.  At SKN Clinic we have always searched high and low for the most innovative and effective skin healing and life enhancing offerings. This is the reason we have loved Osmosis Pur Medical for over a decade – we have an aligned vision about the interconnectedness of the skin, health and emotions.

Aside from having the most innovative, results driven, safe skincare they have an incredible series of supplements and Frequency Water Elixirs to help heal skin, elevate the health of the body, balance hormones, boost the immune system, promote positive emotional health and so much more.

These Frequency Elixirs are not new to Osmosis but have actually been a part of there mission for a decade but Dr. Johnson the formulator of Osmosis is light years ahead of other brands which means it takes time for people to really understand and experience the magic he is offering.  For the past couple of years the results achieved by taking these frequent waters has made there efficacy undeniable. When working with Frequency waters you must be consistent and take twice a day and commit to 3 months.


So let’s for a moment imagine a symphony inside the body and if one instrument is off the whole symphony is off.  These Elixirs tune the “instrument” to bring the symphony back to a well tuned harmony.  Osmosis does this by using a mathematical formula to determine which frequency is imprinted on the water molecule and then the electrically charged water communicates with cells to restore harmony in the body.  I know this sounds hard to believe for some and others are very excited about this because they understand and love quantum physics like myself.

Our best seller is the Skin Perfection Elixir – it is a key part of our healing program for acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.  It is healing the candida in the body resulting in the cleaning of skin when partnered with great topicals and supplements when needed.  The best place to start if dealing with a skin issues is a consultation with a SKN Practitioner to customize your plan.

There are a variety of Elixirs to choose from:  Hormonal Balance Elixir, Skin Perfection Elixir, Ageless Vitality Elixir, Relax and Unwind Elixir, Emotional Wellbeing Elixir, and Immune Defense Elixir and more to come soon!

Featured Elixirs


This is all about clearing the skin by healing the overgrowth of candida within.

Helps healing of acne, rosacea eczema, psoriasis digestive issues, candida specific skin issues.


Release stuck and stagnate emotions to feel more ease and flow your life.

Induce calmness, release stuck emotions like anger and sadness, eases anxiety, energizes serotonin


Supports aging skin by neutralizing free radical damage from environmental exposure.

Improves joint health, tone of muscle, digestive health, asthma and allergies.


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