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Reconstructive Facelifting Massage – A Deeper Look

Reconstructive Facelifting Massage

The Reconstructive Facelifting Massage is a comprehensive 4 part deeply releasing, lifting, toning, and healing system to holistically guide you to aging gracefully and naturally.

PART 1: Lymphatic Massage

PART 2: Neck/Shoulder/Scalp Work

PART 3: Deep Tissue Face Work

PART 4: Buccal Intra-oral Massage

Unlike other facial massage methods, the Reconstructive Facelifting Massage addresses the root causes of aging rather than the symptoms which is key in real, longterm results and structural changes.

This method helps to improve the overall health of the skin by relieving tension in the muscles of the face, head and neck, speeds up and stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and reduces fibrotic tissues.  It also ensures that the fat is evenly distributed over the face, thereby modeling and reconstructing faces of all ages.  Fat cell regeneration has recently been discovered to be a key factor in volume building and contouring of face.

This treatment works beyond the skin to address the structural changes associated with aging.  We are working on the connective tissue, muscles, bones, ligament, fascia and subcutaneous fat layer. Working on these deeper levels allows to improve issues like sagging jawlines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, cheek area thinning, forehead wrinkles, double chin, under eyes puffiness, swelling of the face etc.


The benefits of this work go beyond just aesthetic and structural changes by supporting us in releasing long held emotions in our fascia that has a positive effect on the nervous system and psyche.  Also when we are touched and relax the muscles of the face, neck, scalp, chest area it has a positive impact on the emotional centres of the brain promoting a state of wellbeing.  Attuning too and becoming mindful of the tension patterns we have in our face, and body is the key to letting it go. 

I encourage clients of this treatment to take time to take time to reflect post treatment and feel there feelings and journal anything that comes up during this process.  Really pay attention to how they FEEL after each treatment and throughout the treatment.

Stillness give space for the soul to speak.  Fear comes from our renitence to what it says. ~Cory Muscara 


This is where it all begins and prepares the face and body for the deeper work that is to follow.  Lymph doesn’t have a pump so it need us to manually support it and help it work. 

Lymph is a highly underrated circulatory system within the body and it is responsible for detoxifying waste from the skin on a cellular level, in addition to its many, many other functions. When we are holding tension in the muscles and fascia, lymph cannot move freely and do its job of clearing out waste from the tissue. 

The result of poor lymph flow can present as dull skin, an accumulation of blackheads and milia, and/or stubborn hyperpigmentation, just to name a few.

Signs of congested lymph are: puffiness of face, eyes, double chin, neck hump, feeling congested.  Often the first signs of impaired lymph appear after sleeping with swollen eyelids,  puffy face, and the overall appearance of skin can be more dull and it can appear less toned (more saggy).  Improves the elasticity of the skin.  


The neck and shoulder area is the neck is the superhighway of ALL circulation to and from the face. A tight neck acts like a traffic jam on the freeway from the body to face and back again. This prevents detoxifying lymph from draining as well as it should, and working the neck alone can be major in bringing flow and vitality back to the complexion as well as reducing puffiness in the face.

It is connected to jaw tension, stiffness and pain as well so it again is essential that all areas are addressed in the treatment.  You cannot break it into individual parts to get results.  


The fascia on the scalp gets super tight.  The scalp is essentially an extension of the face. The forehead muscle stretches far back into the hairline, and the jaw muscle has scalp attachments up above and around the ears. The scalp work is an essential part of the facelifting massage as it expands and increases the range of motion of the tissues of the scalp, which is the basis for a successful facelift by expanding the.face and creating space to lift. 

An extra bonus is the increased blood circulation and tissue movement can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Gently relieves musical tension in face and neck and can help release jaw tension. Plus the the scalp and head has a profound effect to deeply relax the entire body on a physical and emotional level.


Did you know we experience bones loss around the age of 40?

So how do we prevent and restore facial bone loss?  We start at the muscles – WHY?

Because the condition of the muscles directly affects the bones.  They work in tandem.  To prevent degradation of the bones it is necessary to restore the strength and health of facial muscles.  The healthier the muscles the healthier the bones.  

Clenching and grinding leads to premature wrinkles due to collapse of bite.  When the bite collapses there is a decrease in the facial muscle tone which causes the chin recess, the lips to lengthen out causing the entire face to appear tired, prematurely aged and angry. It doesn’t look as supple which increases dullness as a result of layers of dead tissue that starts to build upon it. (Source: Claudia Colombo)


Fascia is like a spider web of connective tissue that is just below the skins surface that encases our entire body.  There are three layers of connective tissue. The deeper layer connects the skin to muscle and fat.  Overtime the fascia begins to dry out and stiffen and fray.  This appears as wrinkles and sagging and collapsing inward.

If this fascia is restricted, it will hold deeper facial wrinkles “in place” until released. Plus, fascia constricts in many different directions and can be restricted by repetitive facial movements, surgery, scars, injections, implants, fillers and other facial procedures. And, thereby, blocking optimum lymph flow (waste removal/detoxification) and blood circulation in the skin. The aging of the fascia is a key factor in many age-related changes  that happen as we get older. This is why I feel filler isn’t the answer to address volume loss. You have to strengthen and work the fascia to support it. It’s commonly known that hydration is also  critical to the youthfulness and  suppleness of fascia. If there is a point of deep congestion and dehydration, the mechanical separation of fascial layers becomes critical to allow water to be absorbed into the tissue.  (Source: Claudio Colombo)


Buccal Massage is for releasing tension and healing the jaw as well as contouring, and toning the mouth area. Massaging the muscles inside the cheek allows us to access often neglected areas that allows us to target tension, improve circulation, and, of course, promote a more contoured appearance.  Your mouth will feel lighter and more expansive as the tension is released.  


The elastin fibres in your skin can be stretched beyond their normal length and after we remove the load they will return to their original configuration.  This skin is not plastic, or stone but rather an actual living, elastic material.  It actually tightens and comes to life from proper massage and manipulation.  The truth is that not touching and working on your face leads to to look drab, dull and overtime begin to collapse due to lack of touch, care and love. 


IN 2007 a plastic surgeon Claude Le Lourane from France found the courage to admit that the theory of aging and gravity is a myth.  He conducted a study that proved aging is all about structural changes in the musculoskeletal l system.  The bones from the skull with shape the face undergo morphological changes.  They lose volume overtime and as a result overlaying soft tissue loses support and starts sagging, forming wrinkles, bags under eyes etc…

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