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New Science: Volume Building & Fat Cell Regeneration

Time to turn the spotlight onto Fat Cells when it comes to aging gracefully – science has recently proven fat cell regeneration to be a key component to youthful, toned skin. Collagen and elastin have long been the focus and now it is time to add fat cell regeneration to the list.  They key to healthy fat cells are lymphatic flow and blood circulation along with a couple other factors.  

How do Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fat Cells impact the volume and appearance of the Face? 
Healthy Fat Cells Are:
  • Regenerative – they recruit fat cells to replace ones that are lost through natural aging.
  • Collaborative – with collagen making cells (fibroblasts) to keep skin strong.  
  • Anti-inflammatory – secrete molecules that reduce the inflammatory state of the skin.
Unhealthy Fat Cells:
  • Suppress regeneration
  • Shut down collagen production
  • Are inflammatory which leads to accelerated aging of skin.
How Do Your Fat Cells Become Unhealthy:
  • Sun exposure – creates an inflammatory condition on the skin which leads loss of fat cells.
  • Excess calories – adipocytes (fat cells) take in lipids from the excess calories leading to bloating of of the fat cells which appears on the skin as lose of tone and contour.
  • High-Intensity excerise – slows fat cell regeneration and leads to loss of collagen and tone.
  • Natural Aging – slows regeneration overtime of fat cells and collagen formation.
  • Anything inflammatory – externally or internally will slow down fat cell regeneration.
What you can do at home to support Fat Cell Regeneration and Volume Building?
  • Adipeau Active Face Cream – available on the for $120
  • Guasha 1-3x a week at home – available on the for $30
  • Weekly Facial massage
  • Eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet and avoiding inflammatory foods and substances.
What treatments you can do at SKN Clinic to support Fat Cell Regeneration  and Volume Building?
  • Reconstructive Facelifting Massage
  • Dermapen 4 Micro-Needling with Guasha Add On
  • SKN Journey with Guasha Sculpting Treatment and Facial Cupping

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