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Treating Acne with Forever Clear BBL

Treating Acne with Forever Clear BBL | SKN Skin Clinic Vancouver

The Forever Clear BBL is the ideal treatment option for deep, cystic acne.  The light penetrates into the sebaceous gland healing the cystic acne and inflammation happening deep in the skin. The blue light targets the P.acnes bacteria, while the red, yellow/orange lights work directly on the inflammation and control oil output.  The Forever Clear BBL prevents unnecessary superficial irritation from ineffective topical products such as strong acids.  

It has no downtime and can be performed every 1-2 weeks for an average of 3-6 treatments closer together with maintenance as needed.  Your practitioner will highly encourage the use of high-quality skincare at home on a daily basis to support long-term healthy skin. Top products are Harmonized Clarifying Serum, Zyderma Clarifying Lotion, and Transformed Detoxifying Toner.  

Awesome Combination Therapy 

Forever Clear BBL in combination with Vitamin A Infusion Peels boosts the results as you are not only treating the deeper cystic acne but also regenerating healthy new skin, and promoting collagen formation on the entire face.  Also, they work together to rapidly heal breakouts.  

Forever Clear BBL is also a great partner with Micro-Needling if you are dealing with acne scarring.  The Micro-Needling will work to heal scars, improve skin texture while the Forever Clear BBL will heal the deeper breakouts. Visit our clinic today to learn more on our services and treatments.

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