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Hydration is the key to youthful, glowing SKN

3 Layers of Hydration by Forget Beauty Skincare | SKN Clinic Vancouver

Glowing SKN is a result of healthy, hydrated skin. We live in a world that has become obsessed with peeling and pushing the skin with strong retinol, and acids.  All too often these products are improperly and over-used, potentially leading to a damaged skin barrier and long-term skin health issues. Many skin practitioners and doctors will tell you that prolonged peeling, irritation, and redness are normal responses to these products; however, we highly disagree with this approach and prefer to promote a healthy, hydrated and supported skin barrier at all stages of skincare.  When the barrier is compromised, the skin can become sensitive and reactive.  

Clinical treatments performed by a professional who is educated and provides proper post-care are the only time you should be pushing your skin to these limits. When the skin is pushed to a peeling state, it requires specific ingredients to support the rebuilding phase. 

When you are ready to add active products into your routine for weekly use they must be properly formulated, and in optimal percentages and PH’s to support your skin barrier while providing collagen stimulation and other benefits we seek from active products.  At SKN Clinic we promote the use of Trans-Retinaldehyde over Retinol.  

Remember, your skin protects you from the environmental elements and shields you from harm.  It needs to be strong and resilient, and this occurs when it is nurtured and hydrated on all layers, from the dermal layer up to the epidermal layer. Once your skin is healthy and hydrated, actives can be thoughtfully reintroduced. Remember to avoid pushing your skin beyond its limits, potentially compromising its ability to protect you by breaking down its barrier, leading to undesirable skin issues.

In eastern medicine, the fluids in the body, skin, and joints are what keep us supple, youthful, limber and radiant.  These naturally decline as we age and we want to be replenishing them topically and internally as we move through life. 

At SKN Clinic we have mastered hydration and one of the most impactful ways we have done this is by using the 3 Layers of Hydration by Forget Beauty Skincare. We have saved 1000’s faces from a compromised barrier, leaving them with youthful, radiant, vibrant and healthy skin.

We are excited to be offering a new beautiful 3 Layers of Hydration box! If you purchase it in the month of December you will receive a FREE Energized Cleanser by Forget Beauty (value $39).  This cleanser should not be underestimated as it was intelligently formulated to further support the skin barrier and is a must-have in your morning and evening cleansing routine.  Amanda spent over a year bringing this to life.  It is not a traditional foamy cleanser that stripes the skin but a silky gel that effectively cleanses the skin while nourishing the barrier, preventing irritation, redness and sensitivity in the skin.

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