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Elevate The Results of Your Micro-Needling Treatments with One Simple Step

Micro-needling alone is a very effective treatment but what you do at home after your treatment can greatly elevate the results achieved. This is done with one key product called Stem Factor Growth Factor Serum. The additions of StemFactor Growth Factor Serum into your series of Micro-needling treatments is the equivalent to having 1-2 extra sessions. 


How Does Stem Factor Elevates The Results of your Treatment?

It works by providing the skin with potent building blocks to accelerate the regeneration process that has begun with the micro-needling treatment. Using Stem Factor for the week following your treatment is like adding rocket fuel to your sessions in terms of healing and regeneration.  The benefits of Stem Factor extend far beyond just micro-needling and we do encourage our clients to use Stem Factor ongoing in their skincare routine for anyone looking to be on an advanced healthy and graceful aging program. It is also a deeply healing product for those dealing with inflammatory skin conditions.


What Makes Stem Factor So Potent?

Beyond having a very high number of growth factors 600+ and a more complete collection of growth factors that result from combining fibroblasts and stem cells, they have also evolved the growth factors. This means they have perfected a way to complete the growth factor manufacturing process by creating exosomes. Exosomes are protective envelopes that surround each growth factor allowing it to have a longer life, better penetration, and more activation at the receptor site.

Many things in life are just better together.  For example if you are investing your time to going to the gym 5 days a week and then eating unhealthy foods the results you achieve at the gym will be limited by the food choices you are making.  The more you put into something the more you receive in return.  You can have good results or great results the choice is up to you.

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