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Vanity vs. Self Love




I often witness at SKN Clinic clients who feel guilty for taking the time to care for their skin, to spend money on treatments and products.

Guilt is a big issue in our society especially among woman. Self worth ties deeply into this as well. I feel it is important that we as woman understand that caring for our skin and our bodies is a form of self love. A form of self acceptance. Our body is a temple that keeps us alive, and our skin is a shield that protects us. It deserves to be nurtured and nourished with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and love.

This does not dismiss a very big issue in our society or what I like to call “Vanity Insanity”. There is a threshold that can be crossed in the “beauty” industry when me mix up happiness and self worth with our external appearance. Their is no doubt that happiness, joy, and love all come from within.

Many woman are endlessly trying to achieve a false sense of beauty, wanting to rid themselves of what they have been told is unattractive. Society has defined beauty as something that is purely external and most often completely unattainable without going to drastic measures. This has lead many woman now starting at a very young age on an endless journey of fixing what is not broken.

The reality is in many cases that we are all broken inside to varying degrees from all the self judgement and negative talk. What needs healed is our relationship with ourselves.

Trying to attain these false standards of what beauty has been defined as has destroyed the relationship we have with ourselves – the most important relationship we will ever have. Why? The relationship and self love we cultivate in our lives determines the success of all other relationships in our lives. Love is always the answer and it begins with self love.

Nurture yourself on all levels and this includes mind, body, spirit, soul and your skin. You deserve it all.

11 years of owning SKN Clinic has been a gift, an incredible journey of many ups and downs with lots of self-discovery and healing. I have been so blessed to witness and learn so much from each client. I have gratitude for each client and the openness, vulnerability, and teachings. It has inspired me to heal and to learn and to grow and has set me on a new path of self-love.

It has set me on a new journey and along this journey I promise to share it with you in hopes I can return the gifts you have brought to me.

Time to come together as the POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING WOMEN we are and stop playing life safe and start to SHINE BRIGHT!

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