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Winter Cleansing: The most important step in achieving healthy skin

Winter is the time of year we want to be extra gentle with our skin and this starts with our winter cleansing method.  The cooler weather outdoors and the heated, dry indoor temperatures cause our skin to become “compromised” as it struggles to adjust to the continuous fluctuating temperatures.   Compromised skin can result in one or many of the following: 

  • increased sensitivity to all skin products, 
  • dehdyration
  • dryness,
  • irritation
  • flaking skin
  • excess oil production
  • red, ruddy appearance 

You may find that skin care products that have not irritated your skin in the past suddenly cause your skin to feel sensitive.  This is not a problem with the product but rather with your skin barrier. .  
So the first and most basic step is determining if your daily cleanser is in fact gentle enough while still effectively cleansing your skin.  
This is why regardless of season I highly suggest people use a gentle, gel based cleanser that can be boosted with acids for exfoliation when needed.  Which is only 1-3 times a week depending on your skins particular tolerance and needs.  

When creating the Energized Uplifting Cleanser I worked alongside the cosmetic chemists to formulate a cleanser that effectively cleansed the skin while maintaining the precious acid mantle.  This is SO important when it comes to skin cleansing, stripping the acid mantle can cause a host of problems such as those listed above.   The formulation begins with a “balanced” base plus the addition of fermented pomegranate enzyme to gently exfoliate, blue lotus to support hydration while also balancing the oil of acne prone skin. Lastly chamomile, cucumber, and green tea to soothe and support a healthy skin barrier. It truly is suitable for all skin types from the driest to the oiliest skin.   

(for those who wear makeup, oily skin, acne prone skin)

In the morning a single gentle cleanse is plenty but in the evening you will want to do a double cleanse if you wear makeup, have oily skin, or you are prone to breakouts.  Our skin is exposed to so many environmental factors during the day.  

For the double cleanse method you will begin by adding a few pumps onto slightly dampened hands and then massage into your skin for about 20 seconds and then completely rinse off,  then taking a couple more pumps for a second cleanse and massage again for 10-20 seconds and rinse off.  
The reason for a double cleanse method is because 99% of the time a single cleanse still leaves dirt, residue and debris on the skin. The gentle formulation of Energized is supportive for a double cleanse method due to its focus on barrier preservation.  

If you do not wear makeup you can skip the double cleanse method in the evening and just do the single cleanse.  Also if you use a gentle toner daily this can too can remove that extra residue left over.  So just ensure that you are completely cleansing your skin in the evening prior to applying your serums and moisturizer to ensure healthy, well functioning skin.  

You will want to boost your gentle cleanser 1-3x a week depending on your skin needs with the Uplifted Exfoliating Gel to transform your Energized into an “active” exfoliant.  You simple add 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand with a few pumps of Energized and then massage for 30 seconds and then let sit for more 30 seconds.  Then fully rinse with water.  

If you are more dry/dehydrated then 1-2x a week is perfect.  This method will provide your skin with a thorough exfoliation.  If you are more oily and prone to breakouts then 2-3x a week is necessary and your may want to consider adding Transformed Detoxifying Toner into your routine.  

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