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Everything You Need to Know about The New Cutera truSculpt 3D

SKN Clinic is excited to be offering truSculpt 3D by Cutera two days each month.  The treatments are performed by medical aesthetician Siliva Simpson. Silvia is very passionate and knowledgable about the truSculpt 3D so we can ensure you are in the best hands possible for your treatment.   

Each session includes a complimentary consult to ensure you are a good candidate as well as prep- treatment measurements and before photos.  You will also have a follow-up session to take post-treatment measurements and photos.    

We asked Silvia to answer the most popular questions we have received about truSculpt 3D so you can be well informed.  

What made you want to specialize in Trusculpt ?  

After hearing so much about body sculpting and fat reduction treatments, I needed to learn more! After a lot of research, we decided to invest in Cutera’s truSculpt 3D radio frequency device. The results they were getting were really great, and the fact that there was no downtime and it’s non-invasive with little to no side effects was a huge positive. 

With results of losing up to 24% fat in the treated area in a single treatment we knew we were onto something. After getting a treatment myself, and experiencing the results I was hooked. I want to help as many people as possible get the results they want while they live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Who is the ideal candidate for truSculpt ?

Anyone who has stubborn fat that has been resistant and hard to lose with diet and exercise. It is not a weight loss solution, so candidates should be at or near their target / ideal body weight.  Also, if we can pinch it, we can treat it! Subcutaneous fat, the kind that “jiggles” and “pinches” can be treated. Visceral fat (think hard round bellies) this fat surrounds the organs and cannot be treated.  We have also had a lot of great results with women who are going through menopause and have gained unwanted extra fat, especially in their stomachs. 

What is the main feedback you hear from clients about the results?

They notice it as a subtle change. Slowly over time. Their clothes fit better, they feel more confident in their bathing suits, they are overall more confident and happy with their bodies. The before and after photos are always fun for them to look at, and surprising! They tend to forget what they used to look like. 

What are the most popular areas to treat?

* abdomen and flanks. We also do a lot of inner and outer thighs, chins, and bra strap fat and Arms. 

What is the downtime that clients experience?

There is literally zero downtime. You can get off the treatment bed and go about your day. 

You will have some soreness in the area, similar to the feeling of being bruised but this will not affect your day to day life or have any visible appearance.  

How long does it take to see results?

The average is 4-6 weeks. Final results cannot be judged until 12 weeks. It takes time for the fat cells to die, break down, and be flushed out of your body.   At the 90 days mark, you will return for your follow up photos and measurements to assess the results.  

How many treatments do clients need on average?

One treatment can reduce fat by up to 24% in the treated area. If you have more fat to lose after one treatment, a second treatment is recommended. It’s hard to say how much someone will lose. It really varies from client to client. Most people are satisfied after 1-2 treatments. 

What amount of fat reduction can a client expect?

A client can expect up to a 24% reduction in fat circumference in the treated area by the end of the 12-week time frame. 

How does it compare to CoolSculpt?

Coolsculpt is a well known and hugely advertised treatment available in many clinics across the lower mainland. In fact, plenty of clinics choose cool sculpting for that reason alone. The marketing/brand name. 

The differences;

CoolSculpt “freezes” your fat. The cells die and your body excretes it over several weeks. The results are around 20-24%. There is little downtime, a massage after your treatment and some undesirable side effect like temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and skin sensitivity. Also, numbness and loss of sensitivity in the area treated.  A very rare but serious side effect of CoolSculpting is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. It occurs most in men. Pain and aching at the treatment site.

truSculpt 3D uses heat, and radiofrequency to treat undesired areas of fat in your body.  truSculpt 3D features a proprietary closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism that ensures therapeutic temperatures are met throughout each treatment. This means you’re comfortable while consistently achieving results. consistently impressive results – an average of 24% fat reduction, in a short treatment time over a large treatment zone. One 60-minute session provides clinically proven results in the most common treatment areas — the abdomen and flanks

I personally have never had coolSculpting done, or seen a treatment performed. From what I’ve seen in videos, and heard from people … Trusculpt 3D seems to me to be more comfortable and does have fewer side effects, and in general, seems safer and they have been clinically proven to provide the same results.  

Are there any daily lifestyle habits that can help support the results of Trusculpt?

Absolutely! I tell all of my clients to continue with a healthy lifestyle focusing on a healthy diet, and exercise.  Drink lots of water and use the treatment as a motivator to try to lose some weight or to maintain their weight as well. It will support the results and help for sure! 


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